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I don’t have the focus to be much of a storyteller in the oral tradition. I tend to leap about subjects and add irrelevant bits. I drift occasionally so far from the original subject that I lose even myself. Alternatively, in order to tell a story, sometimes I like to write to people. I write letters or emails, filled mostly with mundane, day to day anecdotal drivel. I obviously get some satisfaction in doing this though I can’t really articulate what it is. I don’t do it so much hoping for a response but, for whatever reason, it helps me get started. It is nice when people respond but that’s not what it’s about.

I knew a guy who wrote in a journal nearly everyday. I once asked him about it and he said he always addressed everything he wrote to his father. He wanted to share a bit of his life with his old man. As his dad had been dead for several years he had obviously cut himself a bit of slack. He didn’t have to concern himself with editing, spelling or trying to sound a particular way. He could just write about what he felt. It seemed as good a way as any. I often wondered what he wrote about. Mind you, I wondered what my mother wrote about as she scribbled away every night under a cloud of cigarette smoke filling little steno pads only to find that the bulk consisted of irrelevant things about the weather, a tardy bus, a sale at the supermarket or a phone call she had made(not the subject matter just a note of the call). She left at least 20 years of such data piled high in that apartment. My mother was lonely. I believe she wrote more to keep her hands busy and her mind quiet then to gain some enlightenment or to set anything straight. It served her purpose. Because I write, sometimes a lot, occasionally somebody will joke, “You should put this all together in a book.” I’m not falling for that one again.

You see, I cook a lot. A guy’s gotta eat so you might as well make an effort. Occasionally people would say, “You know, you should really open a restaurant.” So I did…….the day my kid was almost 4 months old. My wife, who was not thinking rationally due to a yet to be diagnosed bout of postpartum depression, appeared supportive at the time. I was sick of my job anyway. So everything we had was poured into a derelict building and off I went. After a couple years of making almost 50 dollars a week and painstakingly sowing the seeds for my eventual divorce I grew to think that I might have acted a little hastily. Despite the struggles, these were a couple of really good years and if nothing else I ate really well. Everyone did. Most importantly, I still like to cook. I believe writing is similar to cooking in the sense that if you choose to do it for a living you will most likely be broke. So best not attempt it as a living. Instead I am thinking to write about what I do for a living. In order not to burn out too many that I have written to in the past as well as maintain an impersonal non-attachment I am going to explore the blog format. I certainly won’t over advertise the undertaking. That’s it mom, I am going to write to nobody in particular. If it’s of any interest to anyone they can read it. If not, no harm done. It’s not as if I mortgaged the house to buy this computer. And chances are whenever I decide to pack this project in I will still enjoy writing.

Some notes on the content

Due to a series of unforeseen events I find myself sharing the helm of a small but active dog boarding business. It provides a constant stream of noteworthy incidents involving dogs, their owners, and the relationships between the two. Since this makes up the bulk of my day to day activities it would follow that that is what I will write about. (And, as things progress, I will try and get a handle on if it is necessary that that sentence should read, “that that is about which I will write). I am going to be a bit evasive as to details and the like as most of the things I find funny or worth talking about are completely one sided and at the expense of other people. Also I am not against overlooking 50 great qualities of a person in order to focus on one or two less flattering aspects if I think they are more funny or interesting-often to the point that the person becomes more of an obscure concept than a real being and I guess that’s not really fair. I always assume everyone behaves this way but I am told this is not necessarily so. Therefore, for the purpose of all of this, consider it, for the most part, fiction. In the past most of the people I have written to live at least 1000 miles from that about which I write. This serves as a bit of a provisional measure against having someone who I have made out to be a complete imbecile(not that they aren’t a complete imbecile just that most take exception to being called one)come knocking at my door. So to this end, the business is called “Barksville”, located somewhere in North America. I was going to pick New Zealand but the accent is really difficult and people might confuse it with Australia.  For the purpose of this I will refer to myself as, “Kyle” and my wife and partner as, “Phyllis”

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