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November 24th, 2010

Kyle Dresden Wrote: November 24 at 12:38am

Hypothetically speaking, if you ran a small dog boarding facility and one of the “guests” saw fit to discover the small leghold trap you had baited with bacon grease and set underneath the sink to detain and later torture (because that’s the kind of guy you are) a small squirrel that had managed to infiltrate the perimeter and this “guest” was going to require surgery, would you notify the owners even if they were on holiday on a small tropical island and couldn’t do anything about it anyway?

Merv Perkins Wrote: November 24 at 2:49pm

So what’s the deal with Chester’s paw/leg really? If it’s nasty and not gonna heal well might just put him down instead.
Depends on if he’ll have good mobility post fix.
Let us know.

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Kyle Dresden Wrote: November 24 at 3:22pm

I said hypothetically. Your man Chester is as good as ever although I suspect he broke into the kitchen for a bit of a foray into the 6 eggs Phyllis saw fit to leave in a bucket on the floor yesterday. Can’t really blame him under the circumstance. Enjoy your trip, seriously. If anything really happens to Chester when he is here it would be presented far more professionally than above and, of course, you would return home to find our place abandoned with no forwarding address.

Merv Perkins Wrote: November 24 at 3:46pm

hmmm… Flo thinks that was as funny as when you paid our son $10 to eat the hot pepper. You’d better hope my daughter shows up drunk and disorderly at your house at two in the morning again in need of safe transit home so that you can pay penance and we can call it square.
Love you anyway, mon. Peace.

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Kyle Dresden Wrote: November 24 at 5:47pm

I’ll send photos of proof of happy dog once Phylis returns with the camera as she heard there is a moose living in the back of Al Bundy’s place and she figures we need a record of this to forever treasure. For the one I send to you I will remove the caption that’s on the posters, “12 beers buys you this very desirable dog.” Tell Flo I seriously meant no distress and I hope she is able to enjoy the rest of your holiday stress free at least as far as Chester goes. There’s nothing I can do about you.

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