Mamma’s Boy

October 30th, 2010

Hello Pasquale,

Please find the enclosed invoice for October.

As well, I am afraid we might have put Tony off this week when he picked up Paisley. I do feel a bit of an explanation on our part is in order.  Though slightly long winded I will try and condense a bit of back ground.

We give you a deal for your son Tony’s dog care for two reasons. One is, simply the persistence employed on your part in negotiating the deal in the first place after the “falling out” as it were between us and your son involving incidents outlined in a previous letter which resulted in you generously offering to pay for your son’s dog care from therein after.  The main reason, however, is we really like Paisley and felt bad that in order for your son to avoid using us and paying our exorbitant rates he subjected Paisley to a three hour car ride to and from your place without the foreknowledge that Paisley would spend the entire trip throwing up in the backseat. Over time, however, a few issues have once again arisen which put a strain on the arrangement.

It is important to note our hours are between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Though we do occasionally allow  pick ups and drop offs outside of these hours for extenuating circumstances we also charge extra for this service as it disrupts the small bit of time we have in the day to ourselves.  Tony’s schedule dictates that it is more convenient for him to drop off and pick up outside of our regular hours so we accommodate him.  This allows him to leave for work at his convenience and saves him having to drive back into town the day after he arrives home thus saving you the expense of another night’s stay.  As far as I can tell there’s nothing really in it for us.  At any other kennel in a 100 mile radius of here he would have to leave early enough to get there within their hours and pick up the following day.  We agreed to do this in the spirit of offering good service but also felt it should be treated with a degree of respect. The assumption seems to be, for Tony anyway,that these have become our regular hours of operation.  When he is going to be later than 9:00 and he gets his friend Paul to pick up the dog we wonder why he doesn’t arrange this within our regular hours of operation.  Also, hearing Tony say on occasion that he wants to finish watching the football game before dropping off Paisley contributes to our fears that a favor is being abused.

On top of this is a low grade insinuation on Tony’s part that we aren’t really doing the best for Paisley.  One issue in particular is Paisley seems never to come with enough food for her stay.  We had been feeding the prescribed amount for Paisley and consistently coming up short.  After a a few episodes of this I asked Tony about it and he said we were feeding Paisley too much.  We then cut back Paisley’s food as requested but still found ourselves regularly out of food before Paisley left. On Paisley’s last visit I physically measured out the food provided and saw that there was only food for two days though she was to be here for three.  The niggling nature of all of this is not lost on me, it’s a few cups of food after all, but it is sort of key to the incident.  When Tony called to say Paisley would be staying an extra day and, was there enough food? I told him that actually he had shorted us in the first place.  This was met with disbelief.  I can’t come up with any real reason I would feel the need to tell someone they hadn’t supplied enough food for their dog if in fact they had.  But, despite having worked for 5 years as a professional chef,  I suppose I could just as easily mis-measure 6 cups for 9 as could Tony.  I’ve always been more of a handful guy anyway.  I suggested we not worry about it as after all it seemed a bit ridiculous.  Tony, on the other hand, didn’t really want to let it go.  Arguing with the person that gets the best deal we have ever offered over three cups of dog food is tedious at best.

The next day when Tony called to say he would be at our place in 30 minutes to pick up Paisley he couldn’t help but rekindle his certainty that I must have miscalculated when I measured that food.   In turn I expressed my certainty that my head would explode if he insisted on talking about this anymore.   After forty-five minutes had passed and Tony had still not shown up I called to say we would meet him in town as we were now late for a pre-arranged pick up for Phyllis’ daughter from a school trip. Apparently Tony was late because he took the time to stop and purchase some measuring cups in order to provide, by way of example, the exact size cup he had used to measure Paisley’s food.  This was probably not the best idea as unfortunately Phyllis now found herself confronted with the suspicion that her kid had been sitting at the school waiting to be picked up for 25 minutes as a result of Tony’s preoccupation over three cups of food.  All of this contributed to the creation of  less than ideal conditions for Phyllis in the area of rational discussion and I am afraid it did not go as well as it could have.

We feel Tony is getting a particularly good deal and very good service for your money.  We have plenty of dogs that use us more frequently that pay full price, which is less than any other facility in the area to start with, and seem more than satisfied. Therefore we regret Tony’s dissatisfaction.  Paisley, as always, is welcome here whenever it is required.  We just ask that, as we feel we go out of our way to accommodate a few special needs on Tony’s part, that he consider acknowledging the fact by behaving less with resentment as if he is barely getting “his” money’s worth.  Under the circumstances, occasionally hearing something like, “Thanks for taking such good care of Paisley.  I appreciate you going the extra mile.” would earn a lot more good will than a dissertation on volume measures.

Best Regards,

Kyle at the Hotel

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