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Cultural Differences

March 7th, 2010

Dear J Been an unprecedented long time without any communique from the capitol city. From our end I remain ever in pursuit of a life of leisure. I have managed thus far to avoid carpentry in lieu of the pet hotel business. Business has been booming and hopefully we will be able to call this […]

The Beginning

February 11th, 2010

Dear R. via email This was to be a letter. One placed in the mail and allowed the adventure that passage via the post must entail. My $60 printer whose ink cartridges cost $70 has seized up, no doubt, partially because space in our 4 by 4 foot “office” is limited placing it only inches […]

A bit of an introduction I don’t have the focus to be much of a storyteller in the oral tradition. I tend to leap about subjects and add irrelevant bits. I drift occasionally so far from the original subject that I lose even myself. Alternatively, in order to tell a story, sometimes I like to […]

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